Justin Yarbrough

Digital accessibility professional, writer, speaker, and advocate

About Justin

Mug shot of Justin Yarbrough, a white man with a shaved head and goatee wearing sunglasses.
Justin Yarbrough

Justin Yarbrough, CPACC is a blind digital accessibility specialist living in the Austin, Texas area.


Justin has worked in digital accessibility since 2017 in higher education, consulting, and most recently in finance at a large bank. Throughout his time working in the field, Justin has leveraged his experience as a blind screen reader user to help others understand the importance of digital accessibility in the impact it has on people with disabilities. He primarily works with teams to help ensure digital properties are build with accessibility in mind from the start.

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Justin has written articles on accessibility-related topics for multiple publications, including Nature and Runway Girl Network. He has also appeared as a guest on podcasts to discuss these topics and spoken about them at conferences such as Axe-Con and AccessU.

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Personal Life

In his spare time, Justin enjoys audiobooks, sports, and traveling. He lives with his wife, dog, and three cats.

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