Justin Yarbrough

Digital accessibility professional, writer, speaker, and advocate

Work Experience

Since Justin began working in digital accessibility in 2017, he has leveraged his experience as a blind screen reader user to drive home the importance of building accessible experiences from the start in finance, higher education, and consulting settings. More information on Justin’s work history can be found on Justin’s LinkedIn profile or you can contact him with any questions.

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Lead Web Accessibility Coach, August 2023 to present

  • Embed within agile teams, helping the roles learn how to incorporate accessibility into the software development lifecycle
  • Assess web properties against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and internal accessibility standards
  • Conduct role-based training sessions on accessibility topics
  • Serve as a member of the retail digital accessibility steering council, tasked with handling complex WCAG interpretation questions and adopting standards beyond WCAG
  • Maintainer of the accessibility acceptance criteria library, which provides templates for accessibility-related acceptance criteria and guidance on which criteria are needed for development
  • Mentors other coaches

Accessibility Consultant/Coach, January 2022 to July 2023

  • Embed within client development teams, teaching the roles how to incorporate accessibility into the software development lifecycle with the idea of team members becoming self-sufficient
  • Conducted assessments of web properties agains the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and other relevant standards
  • Conducted assistive technology user acceptance testing of key user flows of client web properties to identify challenges users of assistive technologies may face using these products
  • Assisted in conducting instructor-led training sessions and accessibility awareness labs for clients
  • Mentored more junior consultants

Accessibility Specialist, February 2017 to January 2022

  • Assessed online course content against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and internal standards
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to address accessibility issues students were experiencing with online courses
  • Developed and maintained accessibility-related documentation
  • Developed an introduction to digital accessibility lesson that was used as a resource in multiple computer information systems classes
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to develop approaches on how to make complex content and interactive activities accessible to students with disabilities
  • Served on accessibility-related committees and working groups