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Accessibility Advocate, Writer, Speaker

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Mug shot of Justin Yarbrough, a white man with a goatee wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap.

Justin Yarbrough, CPACC is a blind accessibility advocate living in the Austin, Texas area. He works as an accessibility consultant and coach for Deque Systems, an accessibility software and services company, embedding within client agile development teams and teaching them how to incorporate accessibility into the software development lifecycle. Previously, Justin worked as an accessibility specialist for Rio Salado College, a Phoenix-area community college, where he worked to ensure the accessibility of the college’s online course content and served as president of Ability Maricopa, the affinity resource group for employees with disabilities and allies within Rio Salado College and the rest of the Maricopa County Community College District.

Justin has authored articles on accessibility, blindness, and service animal-related issues for multiple publications. He has also appeared as a guest on podcasts, given presentations, participated in panel discussions, and been interviewed on these topics. A sampling of his podcast, writing, and other media appearances can be found on the podcasts, writing, and other media pages on this site. If you would like Justin to write for you or appear on your podcast or other media, you can contact him.

In his spare time, Justin enjoys sports, travel, and listening to audiobooks. He lives with his wife, two cats, and dog.

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